Reservation Policy

(We have established the following Reservation Policies to ensure the maximum availability of inventory for our clients.)

Modern Props reserves the right to limit the amount of items put on "Hold". Minimum rental is $50.

Due to high volume, clients may NOT shop by email. Email requests are not guaranteed, should be limited in frequency, kept to a minimum in size, and are to be used for confirmed orders ONLY
Clients have 24 hours (from when items were placed on reserve) to confirm reserved merchandise. Should another client be interested in any reserved item(s), the holding client will need to confirm item(s) within the 24 hour period or items will be given to confirming client. Responsibility of full rental charge will be that of the confirming client.

Modern Props will not reserve inventory more than 30 days in advance unless proper payment is made.

Items will be reserved for the date tagged. Any date change may result in loss of availability.
Inventory will NOT be sent out on “Memo”. Full rental charge for items that have been collected by customer. Service fees apply to items that have been pulled and cancelled.  

Extended rentals will only be accepted as long as there is no conflict with another order.

All client requests and orders are handled on a first-come-first-served basis, and according to staff availability. Clients at our showroom take priority over telephone and email communications.

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